Welcome to Jawaharlal Nehru Council for Technical Education (JNCTE)

Jawaharlal Nehru Council for Technical Education (JNCTE) is registered under public trust act 1882. This organization was established to provide Vocational & Skill Development Training with sole aim of empowering the job aspirants with specific skills in private and government sectors. JNCTE provides high quality education and placement support for successfully course completed candidates.
         Get an immersive learning experience with Jawaharlal Nehru Council for Technical Education (JNCTE), our range of working professionals learning programmes. Broaden your perspective, create innovative solutions, and drive strategic growth in your Career. Transform knowledge into action and lead the impact.

JNCTE Services

Career stagnation is often a problem faced by professionals in different organizations like Hotel Management, Hospital Management, Tourism Management and other skill development organizations who have worked in their respective fields for a few years. In such a case, taking up a course in their own field, a specialization or a new field that they aspire to enter is the best way forward. Such a course will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the field, enhance or upgrade their skills, learn about the latest tools, techniques and methods and so on. This will make them an invaluable resource to any organization, JNCTE provided weekend online courses.


Online Classes

The program classes are scheduled in the either Morning or Evening and on the weekends, which helps people who work and want to learn. These programs useful to the job market gives workers skills they can use immediately.


Online Examinations

With most Educational Institutions offbound due to covid, exam season this year is like none ever before. Many are looking at tech-enabled proctoring solutions, despite concerns about keeping a close vigil. As the covid-19 lockdowns increase, Educational Instutions have been forced to consider other ways to conduct examinations.